Our Mission

The mission of the BOOYAH! Foundation is two fold:

First, to inspire triathletes and individuals to accomplish the seemingly impossible and lift others in the process.

Second, to lift the burden of triathletes and families of triathletes when facing severe hardships with financial assistance and BOOYAH! family support.

The BOOYAH! Foundation is made up of all volunteer triathletes that make up the BOOYAH! Family, join our family and be the difference in another.

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Booyah Inspiration

Braydon Nielsen was truly one of a kind. Every person that came in contact with him was inspired to be a better person. Braydon's attitude on life was infectous. He didn't have the body or athletic ability to compete in triathlons or running races, not to mention Ironman races, but he did it anyway.

Why? So he could conquer what so many believed to be impossible. What was even more impossible was the way he conquered each and every challenge. it didn't matter if he was on mile 25 of the marathon or on mile 52 of the bike during an Ironman race, Braydon was smiling and cheering others on with the unforgettable word... BOOYAH!

Braydon used the word BOOYAH! to inspire and instill an attitude in others that no matter how difficult the race, you can finish and finish strong. Braydon often finished a race near the end of the pack, but he never gave up and always competed with an attitude and smile that was branded in everyone he touched.

Braydon was tragically killed while training on his bike in St. George Utah. His life and legacy lives on to inspire and bless the lives of thousands of those who never thought they could. You can!

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Booyah Perspiration

The BOOYAH! Foundation is 100% volunteer and uses 100% of all proceeds to provide financial assistance to triathletes and families of triathletes facing severe hardships. The goal is to lift the burden of others and provide BOOYAH! family support to others in their time of need.

We are asking the triathlete community to rally around this effort and join team BOOYAH! to give back to others in their time of need.

Booyah Foundation White Logo
Booyah Foundation Black Logo

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